For the love of country

“I had a date with a set of twins the other night,” McEuen slyly tells the soundstage of cast, crew and roaming photographers. “Did you have fun? Well, yes and no.”

On that note, McEuen and his collaborator Matt Cartsonis, backed by the Blistered Keisters house band, launch into the late Warren Zevon’s countrified swansong “Dirty Life and Times.”

Gets a little lonely, folks, you know what I mean.
I’m looking for a woman with low self-esteem,
To lay me out and ease my worried mind,
While I’m winding down my dirty life and times.

Things get a little cheeky after another retake, due to Cartsonis’s dripping nose.

During a break, the singer-guitarist offers, “A lion walks into a bar and says, ‘I’ll have a gin … … … and tonic.’ The bartender says, ‘Why the long pause (read: paws)?’”

In this crowd, it won’t take long to hear insider music jokes, or quips about a “controversial” collaboration with the Dixie Chicks during the recent 50th Country Music Awards.

Just randomly dropping the name Beyoncé is good for grins and giggles.

Sheri Kaz, a sometime filmmaker, who serves as the show’s talent coordinator, is among the many having fun in the background.

“I had no country music knowledge,” she says. “What I love most about it is the guests who come in are so wonderful and warm and real. They all love each other in the business. It’s a real warm, close community.”


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